Leadership Skills

A major tenet of CARE’s Education Program is developing students’, especially girls’, agency through providing them with regular opportunities to develop their leadership skills individually or collectively in households and communities.


Through activating Student Unions (SUs) in public schools, CARE helps students assume leadership roles and participate in activities that expand their rights to an education that addresses cultural, social and physical needs, besides academic needs.


Moreover, students get a chance to engage in school management to identify and address emerging issues in their schools and communities. Developing the capacities of school staff to run and manage effective SUs also helps create supportive and sustainable structures and relationships, without which change in agency cannot be achieved.


Additionally, CARE’s Education Program believes that giving students, especially girls, a chance to practice a set of diverse extracurricular activities such as sports, theatre, arts, public speaking, journalism, community actions, will provide them with varied and select opportunities to realize their potential, gain key competencies, and develop self-confidence.


These activities help students develop their skills in the areas of critical thinking as well as communication and negotiation ― skills that remain elusive to many.


A recent evaluation using a randomised controlled trial indicated that the participation in extracurricular activities has significantly increased girls’ learning outcomes in numeracy.


CARE especially sees sports as an ideal mechanism to connect and engage youth, especially girls.


The convening power of sports can be used as a vehicle to minimize the effects of poverty and social injustice on marginalized youth and young adult populations around the world.


FY 2016/2017 Figures

1. SUs activated in 47 schools.


2. 25,295 students participated in sports camps.


3.Built capacity of 49 Social Workers, 16 Lead Teachers, and 21 Supervisors for activating SUs within their schools.


4.Built capacity of 18 Physical Education Teachers.



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