Engaging Men and Boys (EMB)

In order to complement the WR Program’s work with women, an EMB innovative model has been established and incorporated within all projects.


It converts a complex social change theory about a seemingly intractable problem into practical application with clear steps in an explicit time frame.


CARE provides trainings (art therapy workshops and gender trainings) to men and boys to change their behavior towards GBV through immersing them in a culture that discourages GBV and leading them to interact with girls and women in an environment where the value they are adding to the group is considered equal.


Art therapy is an entry point that creates a safe and confidential space where trust can be built whilst focusing on self-expression and reflection on perspectives related directly or indirectly to violence.


Gender trainings subsequently build self-esteem and provide an alternative to stereotypes on gender roles, wherein trainees then leverage their newly adapted perceptions into further action through street campaigns.


After men and boys prove their commitment towards ending GBV, they voluntarily join a cadre of dedicated change agents whose role encompasses the personification of their behavior change in their individual lives and advocacy towards ending GBV on a community-level.


Technical trainings are consequently and constantly provided to volunteers to build their capacities to lead behavior change and movement-building in their areas.


During the 2016-2017 fiscal year (July 2016 to June 2017), the direct beneficiaries on EMB were 5,454 men and boys, and the confirmed and calculated indirect were 3,327 men and boys.



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