The agriculture sector consists around 40% of Egypt’s national GDP

The main objective of the agriculture and natural resources program is to increase equitable and sustainable accessibility to natural resources and services in rural communities in addition to supporting smallholder farmers economically with a special emphasis on empowering women.

In doing so, there are multifaceted impediments both external and internal that obstruct the achievement of the sought objective such as the decreasing agricultural land productivity, food insecurity, water scarcity, ineffective agriculture cooperatives. As such, the program seeks to implement a solid strategy that underpins the empowerment of smallholder farmers to adopt best practices, increasing their resilience to climate change, enabling smallholder farmers to reach to global markets and effective water management.

The agriculture and natural resources program is collaborating with a variety of stakeholders such as CSOs, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of irrigation along with creating partnerships with the private sector to evoke the change in the agriculture sector in Egypt. In achieving the ultimate objective, the program seeks to build the capacities of smallholder farmers, establishing agriculture services to meet the farmer’s needs in various value chains, improving the conditions of the agribusinesses and cooperatives, creating employment opportunities for smallholder farmers especially female-headed households and creating linkages between farmers and bigger markets.

Increasing livestock productivity

Introducing new feeding methods to increase livestock productivity.


Technology for better productivity

Introducing machinery to agricultural activities improves the efficiency of farmers and leads to higher productivity.

Women in agricultural value chains

Rural women intensively work in filtering and packaging vegetables and fruits dedicated for frozen food factories and exportation.


Water efficiency

Lining irrigation canals allows to use water resources more efficiently and increase agricultural yield.


CARE works with rural communities to improve agriculture productivity