We’re always accepting applications to be part of our amazing team!

The great thing about CARE, is that anyone who is skilled, talented, hard working and comes with a certain professional expertise, can find a space here and yes, a salary to match.


when an organization states that their key mission is to help children, or women, or the old, or the adolescent, achieve better health, education, livelihood or economic freedom, or empowerment or improved lives, they commit to finding people who bring in the required skills, expertise & professionalism to do just that. And when such a mission has to be delivered, every team member has a significant role in the organization. And everything that this team does, is indeed, just work.


Our Team Engagement

Happy employees care about our organization and are driven to make it achieve its goals, they are the only ones who even bother to find out these goals in the first place. When employees are happy, they feel invested in the organization’s goals and are more compelled to work.

CARE leaders have embraced well-being and communication initiatives as critical to both our employees’ satisfaction and the success of the organization. They have rolled out a variety of programs designed to encourage people to focus on wellness and avoid the harmful effects of stress.

Job vacancies

We give everyone equal opportunities to grow, express, learn, and contribute to the organizational growth and societal change.



We welcome and encourage everyone who are interested in making a difference in the world to volunteer with us.


Internships at CARE are a great opportunity for students to acquire direct exposure to our work.