The Women’s Rights (WR) Program is designed to empower poor and marginalized women in Egypt who suffer from rights’ violation.


Its impact goal is: By 2025, poor women in Egypt especially in Upper Egypt are empowered and enjoying a better quality of life, having attained their rights. In order to achieve this goal, the program works with both the duty bearers in government and civil society, as well as rights bearers, women themselves, to address discriminatory attitudes and behavior towards women and girls.


It works with the duty bearers to support their role to protect and uphold the rights of women, and also with the women to encourage them to understand voice and demand their rightful entitlements.


The program works on three domains (agency, relations and structure) in order to empower poor women in Egypt to gain their rights.


Through the focus on agency, women’s self-esteem and confidence are built, and women have increased financial independence to fulfill their potential as productive and income-earning members of their households and society.


In addition, when power relations (families) are gender sensitive whilst tackling all forms of gender-based violence (GBV) within and outside the household, and when structures (social norms or laws) particularly in the area of personal status, domestic violence are reformed, passed and implemented, gender equality can be achieved.

The program additionally closely links its activities with the Strategies and Governance Unit as well as the Education and Agriculture and Natural Resources Programs within CARE International in Egypt, since women rights’ issues are pervasive matters that must be addressed from multiple angles.


The program also liaises with national and local governmental entities, civil society organizations, and the media.


The program has three themes, which are:

1.Tackling Gender-based Violence (GBV).

2.Women’s Social and Economic Empowerment.

3.Engaging Men and Boys (EMB).

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