The Governance Unit was established in 2006 to spread governance practices and social accountability to combat poverty.

CARE’s work on social accountability seeks to provide an innovative model at regional level of how to change the terms of the power relationship between citizen and policy actors from one of confrontation to one of partnership, collaboration and counting.

This has come through an increase in the level of understanding and consciousness of social accountability in the region as well as through the establishment of a viable regional platform for exchange of experience and contextually appropriate tools.

As a result of both, today, there is a marked increase in levels of knowledge, tools and materials, and case studies.

The department works around three main domains:

  1. Developing and implementation of governance related projects.
  2. Studies, research and documentation of best practices.
  3. Technical assistance and training around governance and social accountability practices both inside and outside of CARE.


Youth champions of social accountability

Social accountability is designed to build trust