Dina Abdelsayed Mikhael

Human Resources Director

Dina is a business-oriented and highly competent HR manager, seeking a managerial position with 14+ years of managerial experience in the field of HR and administrator.

Dina has been working in the field of HR since 2004 in different industries (pharmaceutical, manufacturing, real estate,..) but she’s passionate to join the development sector as it’s the time especially in COVID to support in different aspects of life. Dina’s area of expertise is in HR Strategies and implementing policies & rules compatible with the culture study. Always interested to have an organization motivational bag which allows wellbeing to be exploring in the place.

Dina has already finished her HR Diploma in AUC and studying her MBA nowadays. She holds a diploma in Human Resources Management from the American University in Cairo – 2004 and a B.A. Faculty of Economics and Political Science – 2000