Interested in becoming involved with CARE throughout the year? Join one of our networks or committees.

Circle 75

The Circle 75 is a nationwide network of 75 committed philanthropists who will support CARE’s vision of a world free from extreme poverty by sharing their expertise and investing in CARE’s future.

City Committees

Join a nationwide network of committees that create a unified force to lead and energize our community around a shared vision of investing in women and girls as a force for change.
Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE USA, meets with the family of young filmmaker Walaa, 15, and her brother who appears in the film, Nasr, 12, in Azraq town, Jordan on June 20, 2018. photo Carey Wagner/CARE

President's Circle

With your support we can help poor families send their children to school, fight hunger and poverty in countries in crisis, and more.

Global Leaders Network

CARE developed a curriculum aimed at middle school classrooms as a way to build understanding, empathy and connections between American students and young refugees around the world.


CARE Women’s Network

The CARE Women’s Network is made up of passionate women committed to our mission of saving lives, defeating poverty, and achieving social justice.

Young Professionals Network

The CARE Young Professionals Network uses their voices to raise awareness and support for CARE, while enjoying exclusive networking, educational, and social events.