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Scope of Work and Deliverables:

The consultant’s main deliverables are:

  • The consultant shall provide 244 SGBV survivors with individual psychosocial support/ counseling (The target is to be divided between Alexandria and Cairo). Exceptional cases could be considered to receive additional sessions after consultation with CARE’s project advisor.
  • Professional psychiatrists and counselors are expected to hold 6 to 8 physical individual sessions with each SGBV survivor in accordance with his/ her needs; where the session duration ranges from 45 to 60 minutes with the provision of an average of 30 hours per week, which reveals 120 hours/ month; with maximum 8 sessions per day for each psychologist.
  • The previously mentioned sessions for adults and children are to be delivered in the form of one-to one/ individual session. The consultant will determine this upon actual needs and in coordination with CARE’s project advisor
  • The consultant shall provide pre- and post-surveys measuring the change in survivors’ wellbeing. Pre and post-surveys should be approved by CARE before conducting individual counseling.
  • Generate monthly reports and case studies. Reports must include updates and progress on each individual case handled by the consultant. Reports must include individual results of pre and post-surveys conducted, measuring the change in survivors’ psychosocial well-being.
  • Documenting the psychosocial session progress, including client history, therapeutic objectives, and interventions, through a preset file system by either the consultant with CARE.
  • Schedule appointments with survivors upon referrals received from Case Management Supervisors and follow attendance of assigned cases.
  • Provide attendance sheets for beneficiaries and the consultants providing the sessions.
  • The capacity to request the psychologist to attend psychological sessions outside of their premises. EX: at CARE’s or friendly spaces or home visits for extremely vulnerable cases which is determined by the case manager.
  • Send Technical and financial offer for 244 cases and for 195 cases.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meeting with the project team to discuss and agree on the content of the sessions and refine the work plan for the execution of the assignment with CARE’s internal psychologists.
  • Generate detailed report on each case including the pre- and post-tests’ analysis.
  • Attend a monthly meeting with CARE Case Management Supervisor, Project Manager, and M&E unit.
  • Respect and ensure the privacy of all beneficiaries, and maintain a non-discriminatory attitude at all times regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and political affiliation.

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Psycho social Support for GBV Survivors - UNHCR

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