WEE Advisor / Recruitment and Retention Advisor

  • Full Time
  • Cairo

CARE Egypt welcomes applications for the following position(s) from motivated and committed professionals seeking to improve the conditions of the poor and marginalized, and those with strong core values and vision. CARE conceptualizes diversity in the broadest sense, going beyond regular classifications of gender, race, and nationality. CARE has a prevailing culture that mandates the principles and practice of equal employment opportunity and excellence through diversifying its workforce in a way that strengthens the overall organization and ensures gender equity. Applying the core values (Transformation, Integrity, Diversity, Equality and Excellence) is of the main strengths either among the staff or with our partners and stakeholders. Additionally, CARE values the global Child Protection policies and strictly apply all its related measures to ensure that our staff, programs and operations ‘Do No Harm’ to children.

CARE has an excellent compensation and benefit package, with good career and staff development opportunities. CARE strongly encourages applications from women, and people with special needs as Care is an equal opportunity employer.

تتبنى كير مصر مفهوم التنوع في أوسع معانيه ، وتتجاوز التصنيفات العادية للجنس والعرق والجنسية. لدى كير ثقافة سائدة تفرض مبادئ وممارسات تكافؤ فرص العمل والتميز من خلال تنويع قوتها العاملة بطريقة تقوي المنظمة ككل وتضمن المساواة بين الجنسين. يعد تطبيق القيم الأساسية (التعلم والنزاهة والتنوع والمساواة والامتياز) من نقاط القوة الرئيسية سواء بين الموظفين أو مع شركائنا وأصحاب المصلحة. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، تقدر كير سياسات حماية الطفل العالمية وتطبق بصرامة جميع التدابير ذات الصلة لضمان أن موظفينا وبرامجنا وعملياتنا “لا تؤذي الأطفال”. تطبق كير مصر سياسة عدم التسامح مطلقا تجاه سوء المعاملة والاستغلال الجنسي أو التحرش في مكان العمل.

كير مصر  لديها حزمة مزايا ممتازة ، مع فرص تطوير وظيفي جيدة للموظفين. وتشجع بشدة الطلبات المقدمة من النساء والأشخاص ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وذلك تطبيقا لتكافؤ الفرص

About the Project

CARE Egypt Foundation has been selected among a consortium led by Pathfinder by USAID to implement the “Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment Activity” project. CARE Egypt Foundation is looking for a women economic empowerment/private sector engagement advisor to support the team leader in achieving result 2 of objective 1 of this call as stated below:

“Through this Objective, USAID/Egypt aims to improve the work environment for women employees in Egypt, through engaging with Egyptian companies in a variety of high-growth sectors (including sectors that are traditionally male-dominated) to improve gender equality performance and ultimately enhance working conditions for women in Egypt, including women’s recruitment, retention, and career development.

Initiatives under Objective 1 include raising awareness of the business case for gender equality, improving workplace conditions, and improving the adoption of gender equal policies and practices in Egyptian companies; as well as working with civil society, non-governmental organizations and local communities to enhance skills training and job placement opportunities for women.

Position Program / Unit Work Location Application Deadline
WEE Advisor / Recruitment and Retention Advisor Women Rights Cairo 14 January, 2023

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