Tarek Mansour

CEF Board Member

Tarek has worked for nearly 40 years in consulting, public accounting, finance, and public services. He has extensive experience in serving multi-nationals and large local companies in Egypt and the Middle East in my capacity as a partner with PwC.

He was the senior partner and CEO of PwC Egypt 2000-2017 and a board member and founder of PwC Middle East 2005-2013. He has also served on the boards of several Egyptian government entities such as the National Investment Bank and the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority.

In addition, Tarek’s passion has been working with the youth as president of AIESEC Egypt (part of an international student exchange NGO working with 20+ higher education institutions in Egypt) and founding chairman of Enactus Egypt (part of an international social entrepreneurship NGO working with 50+ higher education institutions in Egypt). The other passion has been working with and mentoring entrepreneurs and startups as a founding board member of Endeavor Egypt (part of an international high impact entrepreneur NGO), board member of Sawari SME fund and a member of and investor with the Cairo Angel Investor Network.

After retiring from PwC in 2017, Tarek moved back to the USA and he has been working as a management consultant and continuing my coaching and mentoring roles with startups and entrepreneurs in the USA and Egypt. Tarek is currently working with SCORE (part of the SBA) as a volunteer mentor and coach in the Greater Baltimore Chapter.