Vivian Mokhtar Thabt

Deputy Country Director

Vivian has nearly 30 years of experience in development in national and international organizations. During this time, she has played several managerial and technical roles in different sectors and thematic issues such as WEE, education, gender

disability and sexual and reproductive health.  Mrs. Thabt is a gender and Women’s Rights advocate. Vivian holds a B. Sc. in Accounting from the faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in 1990.
She has long experience in management for people, organizations and programs.  Board member for ANA Huna international network for Women’s economic empowerment. Board member for NGO called SHAED.

At CARE, Vivian supports the Country Director in leading CARE’s strategy and operation of the Country office with high quality. She contributes to implement the transformation process of CI into Egyptian entity effectively. Building creditable partnerships with related ministers, governors and peers. Before, she was responsible for women’s rights programme management including program design, impact measurement, build partnerships, donor relations, project designs and proposal development.